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 Welcome to my site!

Here's a nutshell view of my life and my mission—so far:


I lived on a 140-acre farm in Indiana until I was eight years old.  Then, my family moved to southwest Florida where I fell in love with subtropical views and the sparkling Gulf of Mexico shores.   When I was sixteen, we moved to central Georgia.  I have warm memories of the Indiana farm, southwest Florida and finally Georgia.  But my childhood home was not flawless, so as an adult, I've had some things to overcome.


I was born again at twenty six.  I will never cease to praise the Lord for reaching out to rescue me. 


The first church I attended was steeped in tradition and lacked the vibrant presence of God.  For several years I languished in that 

environment.  Because I hungered for something more, God graciously delivered me from the wasteland experience.  I now attend a variety of  Christian gatherings, and I’m an avid reader of books written by giants of the faith.  I've also found inspiration with Christian Facebook friends.


Because my spiritual gifts are prophecy, teaching and exhortation, I have a strong desire to hear from God, speak the truth and thereby encourage my readers.  I have a heart for ministering to Christians who are ready to turn their backs on empty tradition and to embark on a sincere search for the presence of God.  The Lord has called me to edify others through sharing what He teaches me through His word, His Spirit, and my personal experience with Him.

Susan Rose

Susan Rose

As you can see on every page of "Into The Deep," I have a passion for nature photography.  (Mobile viewers, please run to the nearest large screen.)

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