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Art by Susan

Welcome to my ART page!  


I enjoy dabbling in many creative mediums.  My small works of art are usually given to friends and family who like my work and are certain that I have talent.  My greatest compliment recently came from my grandson.  For several weeks, he slept with my painting of a red and yellow striped cat under his pillow.  One night, he sweetly said to his mother, "Nonnie's an artist, isn't she?"

Let's bring back those early years when we drew pictures for the ones we loved!  I'm hoping the simplicity of my paintings will make you smile and bring out your inner child who loves to create.  

All images & articles on this site © 2020 by Susan Rose

Young Girl Fishing in Boat
Acrylic Painting 4x4" Bird American Flag Moon
Fancy Bird 4x4" Acrylic Painting Dot Art
Rise and Shine
Watercolor Pencil Art - Butterfly in Flower Garden
Ink Art - Ocean Wave and Sunrise
Book Cover - Ocean Waves and Sunrise
Painting of Fish with Pearl
Florida Cow and Cattle Egret
Acrylic painting - Chicken Swimming
White Hen and Sunflower
Minnow Fishes for Friends
Distant Storm Fills the Creek
Longhorn Bull in Southwest
Rooster by Country Fence
Cat in Rowboat
"Buddy" the Missionary Cat
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